Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Favorite Fruit is a Maraschino Cherry

We discovered Whole Foods Half-Pint Kids Club last summer, when I was desperate for free kid-focused activities. Somehow, going to Whole Foods is a lot cooler than an activity at, say, Food Lion. I really can't imagine taking the kids to the Lion for fun. Yet both are grocery stores. Go figure.

So the Half-Pint kids club goes something like this: There's an activity (we've made planters, bird puppets, window hangings), sometimes a story, and ALWAYS a snack. Normally some organic juice or milk and store brand snacks. A lot of times, though, the nice lady who runs the show can't help bringing out a hunk of gingerbread from the bakery. Everybody wins.

After unsuccessfully attempting to parallel park the mini-van and mostly successfully dodging hipsters, I found a space in the lot and took the kids inside for today's activity: Playing with Yummy Food. The girls each received a "cutting board" (parchment paper), a plastic knife, a generous slice of pound cake, half a banana and a pile of strawberries and blueberries. After slicing them up, ("Hey! It's like Iron Chef!") they decorated the cake with a dollop of whipped cream, and then chowed down.

Slicin' and Dicin'

Composting the Scraps (this IS Whole Foods, after all)

Creating a Masterpiece


Oh, and about the maraschino cherry...one of the helpers asked the kids about their favorite fruits, after explaining how wonderful fresh, healthy fruit is for you. And how there's no need for adding sugar to sweet strawberries, etc. MY daughter says cherries are her favorite fruit. Which is puzzling because we don't eat cherries much. And when the helper asks her about the pits, Bug looks confused. Then I realize that her favorite fruit is that which tops her ice cream sundae. Why I explained to the all-natural, organic helper, I don't know. I fielded a disapproving stare, and I should have just kept my mouth shut.

Go to your local Whole Foods page and check the calendar. If you're lucky, they do this free event in your town. There are also fun grown-up activities, too, like beer and wine tastings and tours of the store that come with swag.

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