Sunday, March 13, 2011

Here We Are

The past year or two I've cluttered up a Facebook page with recipes, subjecting friends to my virtual cookbook, plans for road trips, some fun kid craft that I never get around to doing, or a random tidbit I've reposted from the History Channel. Oh, I'll probably continue to do that, but I thought it would be fun to expand on some of those topics. So here second foray into the blogosphere.

That's right. I've blogged before. Way back in 2006, when I chronicled the pattering footsteps of my first child for friends and relatives. This blog is more practical, though, and available to everyone. Yes, there will be some random rantings of a mom reaching her wits' end (usually about 2 pm on a Tuesday). Most likely, you'll find some interesting baked goodie that the kids and I have made, or our review of a new activity around town, a recent road trip that we've planned, or some craft that we've managed not to screw up. Who am I kidding? I'll include our disasters, too, because that's way more fun.

We're not perfect. Mostly we're impatient, kinda whiny, somewhat messy, and spend our days in jeans and Myrtle Beach t-shirts. But people seem to think that's fun. So enjoy!

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