Sunday, August 7, 2011

Little Monsters

Somewhere around May or early June, I begin a planning session that could rival a small military operation.  School's on its way out, and I'll have a 3 year old and a 6 year old on my hands for three long months.  Many of you may be familiar with my calendar that lists every free activity in a 20-mile radius.  Any given week, we've got a variety of options.  I plan out our week on Sunday night, noting the activities we MIGHT want to attend if we get ourselves out of bed in time.  Needless to say, it's a very fluid agenda.  We have room for fun and room for being lazy.

So why are my kids such ungrateful little monsters?

Yeah, I know it's the age.  But last week, we played BINGO at the local library, which was generous enough to provide prizes for everyone.  We went to the pool with friends.  We had lunch out twice.  We went bowling.  We had a playdate at a friend's house.  I think they acknowledged that they had fun, but I also battled: "Can we go to Sonic for slushies?" (immediately after lunch at Jimmy John's); "I only won ONCE and that girl won THREE times" (at the totally rigged BINGO game).  "Can we go to the pool agaiiin?"

I had decided against enrolling them in any camps this summer.  But now, I think we could all use the space.  At least, I could use some space.  And let a paid counselor deal with the whining.

I almost sold our copy of "1-2-3 Magic" at our yard sale, but something told me to hang on to it.  Maybe it was the blurb that mentioned badgering.  The book comes highly recommended by our friend Aidan up the street.  When I was scolding Bug during carpool one day last Spring, Aidan told me to count to three, like that book his mom uses when he doesn't behave.  He offered to let me borrow it.  Thanks, Aidan, we'll just dig up our copy.

I don't think we spare OR spoil our kids.  They don't get the latest and greatest, and we often tell them no.  But we'll also take them out for a spur of the moment ice cream cone, or get them a DVD they might like when it's not a birthday or holiday.  Do we continue the little treats every once in awhile or strip everything back completely?  Does it make a difference?

Has summer been rough on you, too?  How have you handled your little monsters? 

"You can't be serious."
"Is that all I get?"

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  1. I feel your pain!!! Ive taken to putting myself in time out just to get away from my little mosters!!! They can be soooooo good sometimes but the bad times can be reeeeeeally bad!